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Pap’s Memorial

This page is dedicated to the loving
memory of my father,
Andrew E. Lentvorsky, also known as “Pap”

Andrew E. Lentvorsky

Andrew E. Lentvorsky “Pap”

Anybody that knew him, knew him as a kind and generous man, especially to the children of the campground. He would drive around the campground in the “gator” and pick up children and take them for a ride which usually resulted in a trip to the store and ice cream. Or he would come to the store and get a box of lollipops and hand then out to the kids. One time he was tending the store and a couple came in who were not even staying in our campground but camping down along the river and they needed sleeping bags because it was supposed to get chilly that evening. They didn’t have enough money to buy them so Dad went over to our house and gave them ours! My husband Mike and I just looked at each other and said, “That’s Dad”. The next day the couple returned the sleeping bags. Dad was a man who taught by example.

Dad came here with us in the winter of 1995. There wasn’t even a house yet! We lived in our camper and he lived in his motor home, until our cabins were built. Dad helped us extensively in all our building projects. He loved this campground and found it to be a dream of his as well as ours!

Before Dad came here he was a retired teacher and wrestling coach. He had quite an extraordinary career in wrestling. He was ranked 5th in the nation in the NCAA, coached wrestling for 25 years, the last 20 at Boiling Springs HS in Boiling Springs, Pa. He was inducted into the Lock Haven University Sports Hall of Fame, South Central Pa Sports Hall of Fame and the Pa Coaches Hall of Fame. But his true “fame was the kind of man he was!

Sadly missed by his friends and family.

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